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Annuity GQ is the best service for filling your webinars with high net worth attendees – guaranteed. We fill your schedule with qualified prospects, and put you in front of new clients consistently. The best part is, you get your money back for every buying unit that doesn’t show under 20. With Annuity GQ you get onboarding and training, a presentation customized for you with strong calls tchedule youo action, multi-channel marketing directed to data-mined and A.I. targeted prospects with an average of $500k+ in investable assets, and everything else on the backend taken care of. We do all of this so you can show up and close! This program also offers an appointment setting service so that you can focus on the clients in front of you, while we fill your calendar with the attendees and registrants.

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LinkBiz Now

Would you like to get connected with 20 to 50+ new qualified prospects each week? If so, then our LinkBiz Now program might be a good fit for you. This program will require 15 minutes each day to respond to prospects via INMail and Email, but you will write more FIAs, IULs and AUM with our LinkBiz Now Program than you will without it! Visit ApexDigitalTeam.com/set-up to get started connecting with qualified prospects with jobs with our new LinkBiz Now program.

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